Things You Must Know Before Travelling From India To Europe

Europe is a perfect, fascinating, artistic, extraordinary, dramatic, lovely, glorious, and revitalizing city. Many of us have dreamed of traveling to Europe and spending days or months over there and traveling across different cities in Europe but traveling to Europe is a dreadful task, especially when you are traveling for the first time. Many questions or doubts may arise in your mind if you are traveling internationally for the first time.

Here we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to make your Europe planning easy and seamless during your travels. So let’s start from here.

1) Decide on a Budget Before Traveling.

Europe is an expensive place to travel, and writing down your budget is the first step for planning your trip to Europe from India. Get a rough idea of your daily expenses, including accommodation, meals, sightseeing, public transportation, and a few extra miscellaneous expenses. In approximately you can travel across the country somewhere between 40-80 EUR per day in Eastern Europe and 60-100 EUR per day in Western Europe, even when you are not living lavishly but also not sacrificing a lot. If you are planning to engage in activities like skydiving or visiting an adventure park, add those expenses on top.

2) Get Your Itinerary in Advance

Once you have decided on your budget, hop on planning the destinations you eventually want to cover during your Europe tour from India. Once you finalize your destination, complete your itinerary and build a planned route. If you are traveling for 7–10 days, we will recommend you stick to a base city and travel to cities around that. Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Berlin, and Rome are the most well-known cities with the cheapest flights from India. You can make any of these your base city and travel around them to travel to most of the cities in less time. In addition, decide for yourself whether you are interested in history, art, or culture or want to spend a romantic evening, also for the hassle free trip you can contact us for your free Europe Itinerary.

3) Book Your Flight in Advance

Once you have decided your rough itinerary, start looking for flights. It’s better to start looking for the flight 6 weeks before your journey, as the Schengen visa takes 4 weeks to get approved. There is no perfect time to book your flight but keep your eyes on all the airline's tickets, so you can book your airline ticket when the prices are lowest. Apart from that, it’s better to book a round-trip ticket, as they are way more economical than a one-way ticket. If you wish to travel from one place and arrive at another or need more flexibility, then the multi-destination flight works best for you.

4) Apply For Schengen Visa

If you are planning a Europe tour from India, you must apply for a valid Schengen visa. We will advise you to apply for a Schengen visa 4 weeks before your trip. However, in some cases embassy can take around 10 days to process the application. Usually, a tourist Schengen visa is only valid for stays of up to 90 days. If you are planning to travel to multiple cities in Europe, you should have to apply for a multiple-entry Schengen visa. If you are traveling to two destinations and staying for the same duration, apply for the country that you will stay in first.

Now you are aware of how to travel to Europe from India. You must be wondering how you can travel across the country and cities. Let’s find out the best options or transportation facilities to travel between the destinations.

If you are traveling to single destinations, figure out the local map and local transportation within the city. Mostly, metros are preferred by the locals to get around the city.

A wonderful way to get a deeper cultural sense of the city is to take a bus. You may ask the locals for assistance to learn more about the bus schedules.

The majority of European countries encourage bicycle travel. You may ride a bicycle at the minimal cost to get a brand-new perspective on the city. Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Seville, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and Vienna are few bike-friendly places. Trams, taxis, and rental cars are other means to get around European cities.

We will advise you to get a City Card if you want to take public transportation and visit popular destinations. Most European cities have a City Card that allows unlimited use of public transport as well as free entry to museums. A City Card can be purchased online and via the neighborhood visitor center.

Here’s how you can travel through different modes of transportation within Europe


It's possible to find a cheaper flight than a bus or train ticket while traveling long distances, like Rome-Paris, Barcelona-Amsterdam or Paris-Barcelona. You have to keep an eye on the train/bus tickets. Ryanair, EasyJet, Norwegian, Wizz Air, Air Berlin, and Eurowings are some budget-friendly airlines where you can easily avail of discounts or promotional coupons.


The train is the best means of transportation to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Europe. Trains are way faster than buses in Europe. Almost all European country has their national railway services. But if you are planning to visit multiple-country then, it’s best to buy a weekly pass for EuRail. Western and Central Europe are well-connected to their small towns and cities through train connectivity.


Buses in Europe are way cheaper than trains. If you want to explore Europe in the most budget-friendly way, consider traveling by bus. There are several benefits to taking a bus, like comfort, more legroom, amazing views, WIFI alternatives, and less expensive updates. There are bus excursions packages from which you can opt for the best package.

Best Month to Plan Europe Trip from India

There is no such best month to visit Europe. Europe is a whole-season country.

If you want to roam around the streets of Europe and enjoy the local food and cuisine, then summer is the perfect season. You may see more backpackers and open cafes where you can enjoy your time best. Summer is the peak season for tourism, prices can be slightly high, and the place can be a little crowded.

Winters are for a romantic trip in Europe. Enjoy the cozy café and vibrant nightlife of Europe. You may roam around the Christmas market and fare and enjoy the charm of Europe. Winters are perfect for couples or honeymooners.

How to Exchange the European Currency?

People often rush to ATMs or currency exchange booths after landing at airports to exchange their currency but point to be noted that the currency exchange booth at the airport has the worst exchange rate ever.

We will advise you to use an ATM or credit card for the best exchange rate. Also, don’t forget to inform your bank about your international tour so they will not block your bank account to prevent fraudulent activity.

Bonus Tips for Travelling to Europe

-Don't try to visit too many places in a short duration of time. You'll end up missing what makes the place magical.

-Look for unique or local things to do rather than repeating the same touristy activities in each location.

-Make efforts to fit in with the locals. It will help you get the most out of the location in addition to the authentic experience and money-saving advice.

-Strive to be present at the moment rather than snapping pictures.

-Keep your passport and other valuables safe and secure.

-Don't forget to buy travel insurance.

Planning a tour to Europe from India might be a little stressful, but we tried to cover most of the queries. In case you have any doubts feel free to reach out to us at

If still not sure about planning your Europe trip, Bestentours will provide you with customized Europe tour packages so you can travel across Europe hassle-free.


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